The Problem

Clean is not what it used to be

The world is different now. End-of-shift washings and wipe-downs that satisfy the eye are simply no match for COVID-19 and other harmful pathogens. Even conventional foggers, misters and sprays aren’t silencing outbreaks. And when the health of your employees, customers and business are on the line, the risk is far too great.


Potential exposure never quits.
And neither do we.

Determined to face COVID head on, we developed a complete, continuous treatment process that monitors and protects environments even when we’re not spraying. After a lab-tested microbial evaluation, we’ll create an “Area Sanitation Action Plan” customized for your space’s unique needs. After treatment, we regularly monitor air and surface quality conditions. So when it’s time for another spray, we’ll know. 


Fight science with science

Defeating pathogens is no easy task. They must be fought at the microscopic level with proven, measurable tactics. With science by our side, we built our treatment toolbox to include only the top-of-the-line equipment and disinfectants — all widely-tested, data-backed, and food- and hospital-safe for all environments.

ESS Electrostatic Sprayers

Our sprayers harness the power of physics to instantly cover 300% more surface than conventional sprayers, misters and pumps.

How does it Work?

Electrostatic sprayers apply a small electrical charge to the sanitizers as it is emitted. Through the law of attraction, the charged spray instantly wraps around objects or surfaces with a force stronger than gravity. It’s science!

MaxCharge™ nozzles

Attached to the sprayers, these patented nozzles emit perfectly-sized droplets for maximum wrap-around attraction.

How does it Work?

After the sanitizer has been electrically charged, these innovative nozzles atomize the liquid into uniform droplets. Together, the droplets and turbulent airstream eliminates 99% of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Smart Shield RTU™ protectant

After sanitation, this antimicrobial protectant repels harmful pathogens for up to 30 days.

How does it Work?

A simple spray bonds to porous and non-porous surfaces, creating a surface unsuitable for bacterial, viral or fungal growth — with a three-minute max drying time.

Air Purification System

Customize a suite of industrial-grade air sterilization equipment that purifies and monitors air quality in real time.

How does it Work?

Strategically-placed circulation sterilizers, multi-layer purifiers, and live CO2 and pollutant data collection sensors create a complete clean air exchange system. And with a cloud-based master control, air quality can be monitored live and remotely.

The science behind electrostatics


We'll prove it works, every time.

Our process is not anecdotal. For any suspected bacterial hotspots, we swab, test and chart microbial activity before and after treatment. Our air purifier sensors measure air quality in real-time, so we can monitor remotely with actual data. We don’t take our work lightly, especially in a COVID-19 world. Research, facts and science matters. Inevitably, microscopic conditions will change. But when they do, we’ll be ready and you’ll be the first to know.


Our team of certified field specialists study the nuances of every industry we serve — how people, objects and air travel in those spaces and how to best sanitize them. But beyond safety protocols, we believe passionately in our work and its importance. As the ancient Spartans protected the soldier to their left over themselves, we see ourselves playing a similar role.

 We are standing with you — Available 24/7 — to protect and move forward in unison. That is the Spartan way.